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This deluxe paper flower bouquet is made using premium quality paper and card. Every petal on every paper flower is cut, rolled and styled by hand. The rich colours have been chosen to specifically compliment each other. This beautiful paper flower bouquet would be ideal for a thoughtful birthday, wedding, anniversary or Valentine's Day gift. The bouquet could also be altered to create a stunning bridal bouquet. The paper flower bouquet would definitely brighten up any room needing a unique splash of colour. The great thing about this bouquet is, the flowers need minimal care as no watering is required. They are timeless.



Flowers Arrangement Includes:

2 x Annabelle Rose (10cm x 10cm)2 x Carnations (7cm x 7cm)1 x Peony (10cm x 10cm)

1 x Chrysanthemum (8cm x 8cm)2 x Bird Cherry (4 Flower Heads)2 x Eucalyptus 2 x Large Wheat2 x Small Wheat

Sandra Bouquet

  • All flowers are handmade using premium quality paper.

    The flowers arrangement includes:

    2 x Paper Annabelle Rose (10cm x 10cm)
    2 x Paper Carnations (10cm x 10cm)
    1 x Paper Peony (10cm x 10cm) 
    2 x Bird Cherry (4 Flower Heads)
    2 x Paper Eucalyptus 
    2 x Paper Wheat (large)
    2 x paper Wheat (small)

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